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Video Ad Server

Full Server Side capabilities

Supported Environments

▪ Web (desktop + mobile)
▪ In App

Business Models

▪ Revenue Models: CPM, CPC, CPCV
▪ Dynamic CPM on non-dynamic demand integration (VAST/VPAID tags) with any SSP/DSP (CPM sync)
▪ Dynamic CPM Floor with/for Google..

Sellers.JSON and SCHAIN Compatible

▪ Easily insert and manage your sellers.json data on the platform
▪ Create and manage your sellers.json data via Aniview

Dynamic Waterfall

▪ Full control over demand
▪ Automatic waterfall optimization (channels) (also manual if needed).


▪ Full API Capabilities
▪ Internal action notifications and log (audit)


▪ GEO (Country, Region, Zip Code, Coordinates)
▪ Environmental (OS, Player Size and Placement, IDFA, Consent)

Advertiser Integrations

▪ Google IMA SDK
▪ Prebid.js / Prebid Server

Publisher Integrations

▪ Ads/Content Player
▪ Prebid.js

Content & Ad Player

Supported Environments

▪ Web (desktop + mobile)
▪ In App

Player modes

▪ Inread
▪ Floating
▪ Sticky

Player Control

▪ Appearance - Background, Size, Responsive, custom CSS
▪ Performance - autoplay, auto skip, loop etc.

Ad Config

▪ Timeline modes - bottom, overly
▪ VAST retry, error limit
▪ Connect to channel

A/B testing

▪ testing two or more player tags

Environment exceptions

▪ Different configuration per environment


▪ Easy to use interface which gives you full control over player functions, appearance and performance

Video Content Management System

Video Uploading

Upload videos manually, via links (YouTube links are supported), and via MRSS/RSS feeds


Automatically encode and transcode videos after uploading

Process Management

Track all uploading and encoding sessions in real-time

Video Playlist

Create 2 kinds of playlists: “Manual” and “Dynamic” (Based on the contextual filter)

Video Carousel

Create videos carousel based on MRSS/RSS feeds. Configure animation effects, slide time and number of slides


Create and manage a list of tags and categories. Connect tags/categories to videos/playlists/carousels to filter these entities

Contextual Filter

Create and configure a set of rules to automatically find relevant videos. Connect contextual filter with dynamic playlist

Content Syndication

Aniview will distribute videos from content creators across the Aniview network

CTV/OTT Solution

Manifest Manipulation

High performance/scale manifest manipulation for HLS & DASH

Ad Preparation

Ad transcoding workflow that allows to align the ad to the relevant format/profile of the stream

Ad podding / Ad slots

Handling of single ads (Ad slots) and group of ads (Ad podding)

Ad Markers

Rely on existing SCTE-35 markers


(Ad caching) - improve ad serving by using ad caching that prefetch the ads prior their exact usage


Prevents ads of the same category or advertiser from displaying in a single ad pod

Ad Tracking

Beacons are sent to the ad server to track and report on ad viewability

Inventory split

Allowing to apply the business rule that determines who monetizes the advertising inventory


A comprehensive dashboard with real-time reporting of all dimensions for both sell and buy sides

Premium Video Marketplace

SSP & Full Ad Operations Service

Highly optimized fill rates and yield from over 30 demand partners

Unique private marketplace deals and direct campaigns

Quick and easy tag integration (Transparent / configurable)

A team of professional Ad Operation that takes care of the full player implementation and performance optimization

Real time optimization and yield management

Mobile SDK

Support multiple protocols - HLS, MPEG - DASH

White-labeled (UI, domain, Tags)

Intuitive Content Management Dashboard

Subtitles, gestures, social engagements, etc

Floating, sticky, follow user units

Accelerate development with demo and test apps

Customize player behavior as per needs

SDK for Android & iOS Platforms

Get More than just the Platform

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Outsource your Ad operations to Aniview

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Get complete Operational Transparency into earnings

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Product Onboarding and 24x7 support

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Platform updates and new features

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