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The Future of Ads on CTV

As CTV consumption continues to skyrocket, advertisers and brands seek to capitalize on viewers’ attention. Does this indicate a promising future for ads on CTV? Let’s find out!


VAST 1.0

VAST 1.0 was the first iteration of the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Video Ad Serving Template (VAST)


Connected TV Goes Gold in 2018

Connected TV is poised to explode in 2018, fueled by a virtuous cycle of rapid consumer uptake and an ecosystem that’s eager to deliver.

supply-side platform

Everything About SSP (Supply-Side Platform)

A supply-side platform, or SSP, is automated technology that allows publishers to sell their available ad spaces (“ad inventory”), typically via auction on digital marketplaces. Similar to the demand-side platforms (DSPs) used by advertisers, SSPs allow publishers to engage


RTB – 3 Ways You Reap the Benefits

Video marketing is on the rise, and by 2018, more than 60% of all internet traffic is expected to be video. Of that rise, a big chunk is driven by programmatic advertising, especially real-time bidding (RTB).


Nonlinear Video Ads

Nonlinear ads appear alongside video content, running concurrently without disrupting content playback. While we focus here on video ads