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Get Discovered by World-Class Advertisers

Publishers use Aniview’s video ad exchange system to monetize their inventory and increase ad revenues. You’ll connect with advertisers and agencies representing powerful brands. Plus, you have greater control over ads, thanks to the software’s functionalities.

Maximize Reach and Revenue

Publishers use Aniview’s video ad exchange system to monetize their inventory and increase ad revenues. You’ll connect with advertisers and agencies representing powerful brands. Plus, you have greater control over ads, thanks to the software’s functionalities.

Publishers on the Aniview Marketplace

Get Found

By joining the Aniview video ad exchanges system, you’ll be discovered by thousands of advertisers and agencies.

Maximize Inventory

Because it’s easy to bid and buy at the marketplace, you have more opportunities to maximize inventory and profit.

Control Displays

You may define what ads you display on your websites. Block certain types of ads according to your parameters.

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Advertisers and Agencies on the Aniview Marketplace

Bid with Confidence

Aniview vets and verifies all publishers in our ecosystem, so advertisers are assured they’re trading with trustworthy and premium publishers.

Simplify Ad Purchase

Gone are the days of tedious ad-buying. The Aniview ad marketplace simplifies the way you buy ads, from choosing the right publishers to setting your bidding capabilities.

Choose the Best Publishers

Whatever market you target, you’ll find the right publishers with the ideal visitors in the Aniview Video Ad Marketplace.

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Demand Partners

An Abundance of Demand Partners

Take advantage of unique instream, outstream, and in-banner demand from global advertisers and ad agencies.

Boost Fill Rates Effortlessly

Get impressive fill rates through our optimization algorithm and yield management engines. You’ll generate remarkable results in every campaign.

Boost Fill Rates Effortlessly
Reclaim CPMs

Reclaim Your CPMs

Set minimum CPMs for your inventory units. Through our video ad network system, you’ll define pricing models and rules.

All You Need Is One Tag

All it takes is one simple JS tag to connect you to our robust video ad exchange system, granting you access to built-in optimization algorithms across all verticals.

					<div id="aniplayer"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" id="aniviewJS">
  var myPlayer;
  var adConfig = {};
  var PlayerUrl = '';
  function downloadScript(src,adData) {
    var scp = document.createElement('script');
    scp.src = src;
    scp.onload = function() {
      myPlayer = new avPlayer(adData);;
Premium Publishers

Reach Premium Publishers

Through our video ad marketplace, you’ll deliver video ads to near-endless premium global supply across verticals and device types, with just a few clicks.

One Connection to Rule Them All

Significantly increase fill rates and revenue by connecting with premium publishers, with one all-encompassing yet lightweight integration.

Lightweight integration
Maximize Profits

Make the Most Out of Your Budget

Maximize profits with our automated yield optimization engine. Aniview’s private marketplace advertising ensures each dollar spent gets the highest possible return.

Real-Time Reports & Analysis

Granular, actionable, real-time reports deliver the answers and insights needed to boost revenue and deliver winning video experiences.

Real-Time Reports
Video Ad Marketplace Integration

Integrations for Everyone, No Dev Needed

Our Video Ad Marketplace supports all kind of system integrations, including tag-based, server-to-server, open RTB, and direct SDK connections.

Optimizing Your Time

Properly manage your video monetization through one platform with our ad marketplace’s real-time reporting and analysis dashboard.

Optimizing Your Time

Be Part of a Bustling Video Ad Marketplace

Frictionless Sales icon

Make Frictionless Sales

Aniview’s Video Ad Marketplace simplifies the ad exchange process. With an intuitive model, advertisers may buy ads easily, while publishers may promote inventory seamlessly to countless advertisers.

Key Insights for business decisions icon

Generate Key Insights

Aniview clients have access to a real-time dashboard that shows you the metrics that matter. Use analytics to adjust your budget, refine your campaign, and make data-driven business decisions.

advanced Centralized controls icon

Centralized Control

Our video ad marketplace system features advanced controls, letting you define your rules and standards whether you’re on the supply or demand side. Filter ad types, filter audiences, set CPMs, and more.

Aniview High-Quality Inventory Icon

High-Quality Inventory

All players in the Aniview ad marketplace are vetted, so advertisers choose from only high-quality inventory, while publishers sell to only prestigious advertisers and agencies.

We Make Profitable Partnerships Happen

The Aniview Video Ad Marketplace was developed because we saw a need for a simple but powerful platform for video ad exchanges. Together with our video ad player and video ad server, our ad marketplace forms a holistic, end-to-end video monetization solution for publishers and advertisers worldwide.

A Full Ecosystem for Serving Ads
Our clients don’t have to turn to third-party providers for serving ads. Aniview offers a complete solution that saves you precious time and staffing. Advertiser or publisher, you get a more significant bottom line.
10 Billion Monthly Impressions
Aniview innovations deliver over 10 billion monthly impressions. And this figure will multiply as we improve our technologies.
Over 300 Global Clients
We are the trusted video monetization experts of over 300 clients in Israel, the US, South America, Asia, and the UK. We are set to expand our reach further. Learn More about Aniview

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