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Ultra-lightweight, Built for Superior Performance

Instream and Outstream Icon

Supports Instream and Outstream

Multiple player Icon

Supports multiple player modes: In-read, floating, sticky

Customization icon

Own user experience by customizing the player size, appearance, and performance

CMS Studio Icon

CMS + Studio for managing video inventory and player functions

Add your own logo

Run with your own logo, White label UI, domain, and tags

Integrate with The Aniview Ad Server

Monetize Websites & Apps

Monetize your Websites & Apps

Monetize your digital property by running video ads.  Display video ads to a global audience across Web, Mobile and CTV

Optimize CPMs, Maximize Revenues

Get the best revenues by creating competition across demand channels and demand types. Set dynamic floor pricing across channels

Optimize CPMs, Maximize Revenues
Better Yields, Better Fill Rates

Better Yields, Better Fill Rates

Aniview’s AI optimization lets you automatically enhance yields and fill rates, boosting revenue upwards

Programmatic & Direct Campaigns

The Aniview Platform allows you to execute programmatic as well as direct campaigns, enhancing ad revenues further

Programmatic & Direct Campaigns

Get More than just the Platform

Outsource Ad operation Icon

Outsource your operations to Aniview

Operational Transparency into earnings Icon

Get complete Operational Transparency into earnings

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Product Onboarding and 24x7 support

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Get Player updates and new features

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