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For Publishers & Ad Networks

Maximize Yields, Maximize Revenue

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Monetize every page on your website with interactive ad units

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Video Ad Server that runs run programmatic and direct campaigns

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Enhance yields and fill rates via Aniview’s AI optimization layer

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Maximize Revenue with competition across demand types and dynamic floor pricing

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Designed to get the most out of Google AdX

Features that Enhance Video Experiences

Automate Content Creation

Automate Content Creation

Auto-create video content using existing articles and videos

Easy Integration

Integrate using VAST, VPAID, Prebid, etc

Easy Integration
Across Platforms

Across Platforms

A Video Ad Server that lets you serve video ads across websites, apps, and CTV/OTT platforms

Use your own logo

Complete white labeling – UI, tags, domain

Use your own logo

Get More than just the Platform

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Outsource your Ad operations to Aniview

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Get complete Operational Transparency into earnings

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Product Onboarding and 24x7 support

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Platform updates and new features

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