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6 Reasons Why Video Ads are Getting More Popular

There is no denying how popular video advertising is today. Data from Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing survey shows that 86% of companies use it in their marketing campaigns. Among the few companies that still aren’t using video advertising, 79% intend to do so this year. Indeed, video advertising is getting more and more popular.

But what are the reasons behind such popularity? Let’s look deeper into this.

Video Advertising Positively Impacts ROI and Sales

According to 86% of marketers, video advertising effectively generates leads for sales. This shows a two-point increase in the percentage of marketers who say so compared to 2021. It’s a 5-point increase compared to the percentage of marketers who said this in 2019. Apparently, video marketing outcomes just get better and better.

Those leads result in 87% of marketers saying that video advertising earns excellent returns on investment (ROI) and 82% saying it has increased their company’s revenue. Isn’t that the point of marketing? If you are among those who still do not have video advertising in your arsenal, you must act now because you have already been bypassing a lot of sales opportunities.

Consumers Love Video Advertising

Video advertising generates leads and converts them into sales because consumers love videos. The majority of consumers, up to 96%, say they watch explainer videos when they need more information about a product or service. The majority prefer watching a video over reading text or viewing an infographic. Even fewer consumers, as little as three percent, like to read an e-book or manual or join a webinar.

Video Advertising Gets More Click-Throughs

After watching a video ad, 88% of consumers are convinced to buy. Explainer videos are effective for physical products, digital products, and services.

On the KISSmetrics blog, they experimented by placing a call-to-action within a video, right at the end. It earned 380% more click-throughs than the call-to-action button on the sidebar.

You can give the same information through text but it will not be as attractive, engaging, and compelling as a video. A video uses moving images and sounds like a micro-movie to tell a story that connects with viewers because it solves their needs. It becomes natural for them to act to get access to that solution.

Consumers Share Video Ads They Love

Wyzowl’s study shows that it is twice as likely for people online to share videos they like than other types of social media posts, articles, blogs, or product pages. Videos quickly go viral when people feel an emotional connection with them, find them funny, or find them helpful and worth spreading.

Shared videos are valuable because friends and family members as well as work colleagues consider sharing as a form of personal endorsement. If someone they like and trust shares a video, they tend to have a positive view of the video, as well.

It is, therefore, crucial to know your target audience so that your video appeals to them. Use images that they will identify and empathize with. Even your choice of voice to use in the video, and its tone and inflection matter. Strive for a sincere conversational approach that endears and creates trust.

user generated video ads

Video Ads are on All Social Media Channels

YouTube was the first video platform but now, all other social media platforms carry video and are heavily saturated by video. Consumers can even share your video ads across platforms.

Make the most of this by using video ads on all your social media channels. Do your homework on what kind of video works best on each platform. For instance, TikTok states that generic videos do not do well on its platform. Instead, post video ads created specifically for TikTok, preferably with a comic bent. These get better results in terms of users’ attention, viewing time, brand recall, and engagement.

TikTok video ads in collaboration with a creator, especially an influencer, will do even better. The advantage of TikTok is that even micro-influencers get excellent results in product sales.

User-Generated Video Ads are Popular

Social media users love creating videos with themselves in it. This is not only for influencers. Regular social media users do it all the time. Apparently, other social media users love watching these videos, too. The Consumer Technology Association found in its study that 39% of the weekly online hours of Americans are spent consuming user-created videos.

Encourage your loyal clients or even first-time users to post videos using your products or services and tag you online. Social media users love to see their videos on brand sites.

You can incentivize this by running regular contests with user-generated videos as entries. This is the best kind of endorsement you can get. And you don’t even have to spend on the ad.

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