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Six Essential Tips for Creating a TV Ad

The power of TV advertising is undeniable: in 2021, TV advertisements in the United States reached 95% of all U.S. consumers. This kind of reach is crucial to nearly every SME in the country, as the right TV ad can quickly propel their brand into becoming a household name when capable of appealing to such a broad range of consumers.

Aniview has offered video solutions for businesses that have created TV advertising that millions have seen of potential customers. Whether it’s B2C or B2B, the right TV ad can elevate your brand equity and drive a significant percentage of traffic to your business.

This is because TV advertising appeals in a multi-sensory way, with sound and visuals, and has an instantly significant reach. Many marketing specialists consider it superior to most internet and social media ads. The latter usually requires time to get the total percentage of its potential reach as people scroll through various online media platforms.

Essential TV Ad Creation Techniques

Get a great script

A story is crucial to any TV ad that makes a significant impact. Your TV ad’s goal is to appeal to your target audience and this is best done by tapping into an emotional response. So without a high-quality, exciting script that can trigger an emotional response from your viewers, your video won’t draw as much interest.

When looking for a great script, remember that it needs to have the right tone, pacing, and direction for your commercial’s overall idea or concept. Remember that you also have limited time, so it can’t drag on for too long, or you will lose the audience’s attention.

Consider the people carefully

Some of the most memorable commercials have a great “people” element. The cast of the commercial can end up becoming its most striking feature, such as the actor in the Old Spice commercials or the Subway guy. Some commercials are memorable because they feature famous faces.

However, remember that some of the most exciting features of the commercial might not involve people at all. Apple commercials are most memorable when the product is showcased for its features without distraction. So choose the people element carefully and whether or not your concept needs it.

Represent your brand as clearly as possible

Emphasize your company’s brand through verbal and visual cues. Returning to the Apple commercial example, take cues from their model. Apple is famous for minimalist, clean, white branding. When people see this type of color scheme and visual characteristics, they instantly think of Apple’s branding.

Therefore, in your TV commercial, underscore your brand identity and the image of the brand that you want to communicate clearly to your customers.

Stay simple

Resist the urge to throw too much into the commercial. It’s true that your company has a limited amount of time to communicate your message. However, bombarding your customers with as much information, visuals, sound, and other features won’t make anything memorable. It will end up confusing the onlooker.

Therefore, use your limited time to get your brand’s message across as simply and clearly as possible. Add emphasis on specific concepts and moments such as crucial areas of the storyline that represent brand values.

Maintain your theme

Your company’s branding and values should match the theme of your TV advertisement. And this theme should remain consistent throughout the 30-60 second duration of the video. You can even emphasize your brand by creating a series of TV advertisements that follow one another in a series.

One such series is the State Farm commercial series featuring NBA star Chris Paul. The commercials follow a consistent style, music, and theme, making them recognizable. It’s progressed to the point that Paul, who plays himself, has started to recognize “Jake the State Farm guy” as he appears next to him when untoward incidents occur.

Always use a call to action

A call to action is a command that prompts the viewer to act. For example, you can prompt them to make a call to your business. You can also use it to invite customers to come into your store or visit your website. This is one of the essential aspects of your TV ad: you have to tell your audience to perform the action, which is the end goal of the whole commercial.

Gain Maximum Ad Exposure

One great thing about TV ads is that you can also repurpose them into digital ads. Video internet ads are some of the most effective forms of advertising media to an online target audience. When you combine the reach of TV ads with online ad placement, you reach twice the number of customers.

Aniview connects enterprises of all sizes with advertising publishers worldwide. We provide access to multiple advertising platforms, ensuring that they get maximum reach on their ads. Contact us to learn more or read about our products.