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Optimize your CTV Spend

Start running Video Ads across all CTV Platforms using a single Dashboard

Ad Podding

Ad Podding



Dynamic Unified Auction

Dynamic Unified Auction

Programmatic and Direct Campaigns

Programmatic and Direct Campaigns

Contextual Targeting

Contextual Targeting

Integrate with Ease

Flexible & Powerful. Designed to easily integrate with any CMS, Workflow and Ad Player

Run Video Ads on CTV

Monetize your apps across all CTV platforms  by playing engaging video ads

Earn More Revenue

Maximize Revenue with competition across demand types and dynamic floor pricing

Inventory Split

Apply business rules to  determine who monetizes the advertising inventory. Split the inventory to two or more target ad servers to apply any platform needs or restrictions


Monitor multiple KPIs for Sell as well as Buy side using an easy-to-use dashboard. Get full support on API levels


Prevents ads of the same category or advertiser from displaying in a single ad pod

Ad Tracking

Track and report on ad viewability using beacons

Get More than just the Platform

Outsource Ad operation Icon

Outsource your operations to Aniview

Operational Transparency into earnings Icon

Get complete Operational Transparency into earnings

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Product Onboarding and 24x7 support

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Get Player updates and new features

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