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What does 5G Mean for Video Marketing?

Out of theĀ 6.5 billion active mobile broadband subscribersĀ globally as of 2021, approximately 3 billion of them are expected to subscribe to a hyper-fast 5G network. With nearly half the anticipated subscribers to join the 5G networks, many smartphone manufacturers have focused on creating 5G-capable phones. These phones now have a projected 69% market share.

Because we provide our clients with access to publishers and platformsĀ that bring their video marketing content to global audiences, we continue to observe the developments in 5G. Global video marketing content becomes more accessible with faster mobile internet speeds than ever.

The Increasing Relevance of Digital Presence

Accessibility to faster speeds means that more people will be online through a mobile platform. This is a considerable increase in any publisher or businessā€™ audience size and their target audience. Faster load times mean that customers get the data more quickly and with higher quality.

Therefore, a digital presence is more critical than ever for companies to establish. With wider audiences able to reach your content, you have to establish your brand name, image, and relevance to them through your video marketing strategy.

One strategy to apply is to ensure that your video advertising always contains links or codes back to your website and social media sites. It funnels the audience from your advertisement straight to your website.

The Opportunity to Heighten Your Quality

Fast speeds mean better quality videos are accessible to the audiences. Previously, with slower speeds and unreliable internet connections, some people will not be able to experience the full quality of a video advertisement. The footage will appear grainy or pixelated, with choppy audio.

However, now that 5G is rapidly getting adopted, millions of subscribers can now access your videos in their best form. Therefore, for any video marketing campaign, itā€™s crucial to provide the best possible impression of your company and brand by presenting a high-quality video.

One of the most important tips for creating a compellingĀ video or TV ad is not to cut corners in quality. Now that sophisticated editing and video production software are more accessible creating a professional quality video is easier. Small and medium-sized businesses can compete with larger businesses with bigger budgets.

The Era of Social and Streaming Video

Because of more speed and access, social media videos such as Facebook Live or Instagram Live have become more popular. The internet speed allows creators to host streaming parties and events so the audience can experience the interactions in real-time.

This is one of the most significant marketing opportunities for brands. It enables your business to interact with your customers in real-time, present events or product launches, release live influencer content, and more.

Using 5G to Reach the World

And with the growth of 5Gā€™s accessibility, the world opens up even more. Now, brands and audiences become better connected regardless of where customers or companies are worldwide. Multiple platforms and publishers are now more accessible, and the quality of the content will remain high.

Aniview brings businesses and their video marketing to publishers and platforms worldwide. You reach bigger audiences and get your ads to your target demographics.Ā Contact us todayĀ to learn more or read about our adĀ marketplace.