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How TV Ads Can Define a Business for Life

In 2021, companies put 67.5 billion dollars into TV advertising. It’s an increase of over 12% from the previous year. Despite the significant growth in digital and social media marketing, TV marketing continues to be one of the most effective advertising methods. In fact, over 72% of digital advertising professionals believe that TV reaches their audiences much better than internet ads.

Aniview specializes in developing and marketing video ads for many platforms, including TV.  As industry experts, we understand that the right TV ads can make a business stand out from the competition and stay top of mind. They can play a significant role in improving relationships with consumers, establishing brand identity, and put brand perception under your control.

Read on to learn how to create TV ads that cut through the noise, engage consumers, and leave an indelible impression on viewers.

  1. Disrupt to Get Attention

A TV ad is called a “commercial break,” as it’s designed to create a sensory disruption from the program on the screen. Your TV ad must break into your audience’s focus and attention span to be at its most effective. A great way to do this is to make a sudden pivot in your video that changes the atmosphere. It’s unexpected and disruptive and will maintain the audience’s attention.

One great example is the recent Old Spice commercials. They stay on people’s minds because they keep changing into something unexpected and humorous, making it interesting and memorable to the audience.

The Old Spice commercials are also noteworthy because they helped usher in the company’s rebranding. For years, it was seen as a fairly uninteresting, stuffy brand that catered to older male generations. However, in 2010, the company released an ad titled, “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.”

The 30-second ad, featuring actor and athlete Isaiah Mustafa, was funny and weird in the way that younger consumers found instantly appealing. It also rapidly transformed the public perception of Old Spice from an aging, irrelevant company to a fun, quirky brand that didn’t take itself too seriously.

  1. The First Impression Matters

According to experts, the first three seconds of an advertisement are crucial. Because media permeates your audience’s entire environment, the audience has less attention to give your advertising.

This means that the first three seconds of any video you make must matter. Skip drawn-out introductions and instead focus on gaining that disruption. Once the audience takes notice, you can move on to your message.

The first few seconds of “This Girl Can,” a 2015 advertisement by Sport England meant to inspire women to play sports, features a woman walking toward a pool and adjusting the bottom of her bikini. Unlike in conventional fitness-themed ads, the woman in the shot is not thin or muscular–she is of average build. In the year this ad was released, there was very little representation in terms of body shape and size, so the image was instantly compelling.

The music—Missy Elliott’s instantly recognizable hit “Get Your Freak On”—plays, and the ad goes on to show women of all shapes, sizes, and abilities exercising and playing sports.

According to Sport England, the ad inspired nearly 3 million women to exercise more. It also clearly and indelibly communicated Sport England’s vision of transforming lives and empowering people through exercise.

  1. Your Story Must Evoke Emotion

A compelling story gets the audience invested in you, your brand, and your product or service. The most memorable commercials tell a story that gets viewers feeling a certain way, depending on the emotion that the company is trying to evoke.

Additionally, research shows that events that evoke strong emotions are remembered for longer periods of times than events that don’t. For this reason, ads that engage viewers emotionally are effective for long-term brand recognition.

Dog food manufacturer IAMS’ ad “A Boy and His Dog Duck” tugged many heartstrings when it was released in 2015. It showed a little boy and his puppy growing up together, sharing adventures. The commercial was meant to highlight how IAMS dog food helps dogs live long and healthy lives. It’s the company’s most successful ad campaign to date.

  1. Don’t Skimp On Professional Services

A clear, crisp ad is more likely to get your audience’s attention. It gives the appearance of a company that has money to spend on a high-quality ad, and therefore one that is professional and reputable.

These days, there are many resources that a company can access to create a video advertisement. However, it’s best to have a professional production team to create your video whenever possible. Doing so helps ensure a polished, professional-looking ad that puts your brand in the best light.

While spending a fortune to create a great ad is unnecessary, it’s imperative to hire people who know what they’re doing and can be trusted to translate your story for TV audiences.

Bring Your Brand to a Bigger Audience

TV ads work alongside digital advertising efforts to boost brand recognition and inspire brand loyalty. Done right, TV advertising can help turn your brand into a household name.

Aniview has been changing the video advertising landscape for years, empowering brands to connect with premium publishers, networks, and advertisers on a global scale. Contact us today to find out more, or read about our ad marketplace.