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Measuring the Success of a TV Ad

The average cost to run a 30-second TV advertisement for a national network is approximately $104,700. This price does not factor in the average estimated production costs, costing as much as $50,000. Every television commercial represents a significant investment from the company that produced it.

Aniview, as a leading name in video monetization products, respects the investment that our clients put into every advertisement they create. Therefore our experienced team of specialists has always encouraged brands to study the analytics of every advertisement they invest in. Measuring the success of any advertisement can shed a lot of valuable insight into ad performance and the market.

Measuring TV Advertisement Effectiveness


Measuring Reach

Businesses can track their advertisement reach through the Nielsen scale, the long-time standard in rating the number of viewers watching a program or a network. Nielsen does this through what they call “people meters,” which is a system designed to capture information on:

  • What is being viewed
  • The time frame when users viewed it
  • Who is watching it
  • How many people in the household are watching

Nielsen also measures audiences demographically, giving businesses more insight on who is watching, the gender, age range, location, and more.

Measuring Effective Reach

This is done by tracking the percentage of the possible audience that watches advertisements and how often the company’s advertisement is viewed. Ideally, your company should ensure that people see the ad a few times without making the frequency so high that it risks overexposure, diminishing the returns.

Measure Brand Equity in Social Media

One method advertisers use to determine the effectiveness of a television ad in the short term is by looking at the brand’s presence in social media. They check the feeds following the advertisement airing. Marketing analysts look through the brand’s mentions in social media and determine a buzz following the advertisement.

Another metric advertisers track on social media is the number of customer inquiries about the company or a product. This suggests that the advertisement had effectively piqued the audience’s interest.

Measuring Gross Rating Points

Advertisers and media buyers can also measure the effectiveness of an ad or ad campaign through the medium offers and the ad-view frequency for the audience. Through a formula, they can calculate the gross rating points. Take the frequency of audience exposure to the message and multiply it by the number of audiences reached.

Maximize Your Ad by Increasing Viewers

Much ad effectiveness is measured by the number of views or the number of viewers it reaches. Therefore, to truly maximize the capability and effect of your advertisement, it may not be enough to settle for just TV network exposure. You can place your advertising on other platforms and further increase the overall reach.

Aniview offers access to many monetization providers for video advertisements on various online platforms, reaching millions of viewers worldwide. Contact us today to learn more about our products and video ad marketplace.